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Mulching is easy with our wide selection of colors and textures. We buy directly from northern mills and deliver to your door.


(sold by the cubic yard) Hemlock mulch

The classic aromatic mulch with a reddish color.


(sold by the cubic yard) Hollywood Mulch

Get full-season color with this beautiful red mulch.

Dark Pine

(sold by the cubic yard) Dark Pine Mulch

A very aromatic mulch with a natural dark brown color.

Black Forest

(sold by the cubic yard) Black Forest Mulch

A lovely fine-textured mulch with a rich black color.

Organic Leaf

(sold by the cubic yard) Organic Leaf Mulch

Composted, twice ground & ready for your tomatoes.


(sold by the cubic yard) Playground Mulch

A kid-friendly natural wood mulch for play areas.


Only need a barrel or two?
Bring your barrels or recycling containers down and fill them up!

garden using black forest mulch

This garden features black forest mulch surrounding a granite-capped fieldstone wall.

patio garden using hemlock mulch

Hemlock mulch and granite cobblestones are used to create this gracious patio garden.