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Give your garden structure with walls paving and edging of natural stone, clay, concrete or timbers. Choose your own color and style.


(sold by the pallet or piece) Cobblestones

Traditional granit blocks for paving & edging (mini, regular and jumbo sizes).


(sold by the pallet or piece) Brick

A variety of textures and colors is available for your wall and paving projects.

Grey Antique Wallstone

(sold by the pallet) Grey Antique Wallstone

Naturally shaped stones in shades of cool gray for your vintage garden project.

Pennsylvania Fieldstone

(sold by the pallet or piece) Pennsylvania Fieldstone

Refined, low-profile stone in a warm color range is ideal for both paving and walls.


(sold by the piece) Slate

Used irregular and cut pieces available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Fieldstone Wallstone

(sold by the square yard) Fieldstone Wallstone

Large, naturally-shaped stones in a range of colors for walls and landscaping.

Garden Path Steppers

(sold by the pallet) Garden Path Steppers

Create a natural set of stairs or tier your backyard with these select stones.

Granite Curbing

(sold by the piece) Granite Curbing

Assorted pieces available for edging your yard, driveway or walkways.

Walkway Pavers

(sold by the piece) Walkway Pavers

A variety of shapes, sizes and colors are available for your path or patio project.

Patio/Driveway Pavers

(sold by the piece) Patio/Driveway Pavers

Choose your color, shape, size and thickness for your patio or driveway project.

Landscape Timbers

(sold by the piece) Landscape Timbers

Available in several sizes and profiles, these timbers are pressure-treated to last.

Accent Stones

(sold by the piece) Accent Stones

Very large stones for creating decorative focal points and natural barriers.


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